Why undergo heart-valve replacement surgery?

There are many people suffering from heart related problems and are advised with different types of treatments suited to their specific health requirements. Moreover, the last couple of decades have witnessed growth in medical technology and introduction of various types of innovative techniques. One such treatment offered by physicians is heart valve replacement surgical procedure. Undergoing the procedure will help the patients suffering from valve problems to enjoy complete recovery in span of time. Discussing with the qualified and experienced physicians is likely to help to know the details about the procedure and things to do and avoid.

About the heart

The human heart is said to pump 60-80 times in a minute, so that it can efficiently deliver blood to the different parts of the body. At the same time, blood carries essential oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body, thus keeping the person alive. The brain sends electrical signals to regulate the rhythmic pumping of the heart. For ensuring optimum functioning, the bottom chambers and top chambers are found to pump in synchrony. The valves present between the chambers ensure flowing of blood in proper direction.

The question that is asked by the majority of the patients is what exactly happens when problems faced in the heart valves tend to interfere with the ability to close. It is through the heart that blood is required to flow in a particular direction. However, ‘backlash’ of blood that goes the wrong way across the heart chambers will only interrupt flow of blood. Thus, it causes inefficient pumping of the heart. In such a case, the medical experts will recommend the patient to undergo heart valve replacement surgical procedure, so as to fix this issue. One can plan to avail heart valve replacement surgery cost in India, as the cost here is much lower when compared to the western countries.

Know the procedure

It involves open heart surgery. This means breastbone will be cut open, with the separation of the rib cage. Heavy anesthesia is administered on the patient and placed on heart-lung device for pumping blood to the entire body. It also allows surgical team in stopping the heart and to operate on it. Replacement valve might be derived from animal tissue. It can also be mechanical, which means, it is derived from cloth or metal materials. Mechanical valves are found to last much longer. However, patients are required to avail blood thinning medication throughout the remaining tenure of their lives.

The cost of this particular surgery will greatly vary depending upon the insurance coverage, facility’s location along with the pre-existing health of the patient. Top quality patient care coverage is offered by the leading cardiology center to help the patient to recover quickly from the ailment. The professionals can also offer their patients with wealth of information pertaining to their surgical facilities that will be necessary for effective cooperation and proper mental state of the patient.

Before undergoing this major surgical procedure, it will be crucial for the patient to be well informed.

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