Why Should You Unlock the S6?

Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, accounting for about 30% of all global smartphone sales in a year. They sell approximately 70-80 million phones during the fiscal period. A majority of these sales are low end and mid-range spec models. The flagships also sell quite a lot but since it is expensive, it is hard to sell as many units.

This also means that their resale value remains quite high and even smartphones which are a few years old can fetch a pretty decent price. Among the most commonly sold used phones is the Samsung Galaxy S6, a flagship spec phone from 2015.

The S6 when it first launched was the market leader and introduced many new changes for a smartphone. It included the first onboard fingerprint sensor for any Samsung device, a Quad HD display, another Samsung first and also the fastest processor, combined with a class leading 3 gigabytes of RAM. This meant that the phone was loaded with specifications and every tech enthusiast would clamour to get their hands on the device.

Along with these specs, it had a stellar camera and came with features such as wireless charging, which is all the rage today. This has carried onto today and the S6 remains a smartphone with great features and a mid-range crushing device.

What is unlocking?

For those of you who purchased the phone with a contract, its terms might be over now and you might have had it with the network and have been looking to get it unlocked for some time. Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 is a process when the phone’s network restrictions imposed by the carrier are removed.

This can be done by getting together basic information about the phone such as the IMEI number, country of purchase, the network details and device number. These details can help generate a phone specific code which can be used, in tandem with unlocking software to remove the network restriction placed by the carrier. This restriction only allows certain bandwidths to be used on the phone, blocking out the rest. You might have encountered network and range issues when you travelled with your locked phone and felt powerless to do anything about it.

Now after unlocking your device, you have the freedom to use it anywhere in the world and also have a release from bad tariffs and plans. Another added advantage of unlocking a smartphone is the increase in resale price as compared to another locked phone of the same make. This is due to the fact that an unlocked device can be used anywhere in the world, on any network.

Will it damage my phone?

If you are still going to be using the phone, worry not the unlock process does not harm or cause any damage to your device. It does not affect performance, camera, battery or the information on your smartphone. It is, in fact, a very logical step to unlock your device and use it as the manufacturer intended you to.

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