Ways to Unwind after a Stressful Week

When we begin to work, we experience a range of emotions. On some days we look up towards the sky and thank our stars for having such a great job in hand. But there are also those days which make us wonder why did we even grow up.

Stress is a part of being a grown up but sometimes this stress can cross all boundaries. It can be difficult to entirely avoid situations that cause us stress but what we can do is come up with ways to relax.

If you have had a particularly stressful week at work following are some ways in which you can unwind:

The Relaxing Ritual

Developing a relaxing ritual is possibly the only way out of the stress trap. Think of activities that calm down your nerves and come to your rescue when you are most troubled.

Activities that increase stress should be kept out of the relaxation ritual such as watching television which actually has an opposite effect. You can try things like cuddling a pet, spending time with your loved ones, breathing exercises and meditation, having a hot water bath or going out for a walk.

While there is no harm in trying suggestions that others give you, you should find a routine that suits you. It should have activities that you can do on a regular basis. With time this ritual will become a habit and before you know it your schedule will do the balancing act for you.

Listen to Music

Have you ever come across a thing which is as therapeutic as music? No matter what is the state of your mind, you will find melodies that will make you feel better. Such is the beauty of music that listening to it for even a few minutes in a day can make you forget all about stress. If the journey from your office to home is long, you can sit back, plug in your earphones and tune the world out.

Pursue a Hobby

The true antonym of stress is hobby. The benefits of pursuing hobbies have been documented in articles, movies and songs. It’s quite likely that you have already been given this advice by your parents, doctors, peers and teachers.

If the nature of your work involves the usage of your mind you should select a physical hobby which involves exercises such as going to a gym or playing a sport. On the other hand if your job is more physical in nature you can opt for activities that stimulate your mind. Hobbies such as photography or writing can literally take your mind for a joy ride. If you know how to play an instrument like the guitar you can strum the chords and melt your stress away.

Sweat it Out

After a hard day at work there are few things that can be as stress relieving as sweating it out. Playing a sport or exercising in a gym are great ways to beat stress while also improving our health. If you wish to break sweat without much physical exertion you can step into a sauna and let the stress evaporate.

There are so many activities to choose from which you can enjoy in group or even alone, if that’s your preference. It gives you an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. You should also read up more on corporate days out to know how this trick can effectively tackle stress.

Turn it into a Creative Energy

Sometimes stress bottles up in such massive amounts that it becomes difficult to sit in one place and meditate. You try hard to combat it but you feel that nothing is really working.

In these extreme situations you can channel the accumulated stress into a positive energy. You can think of ways in which you can use this energy to transform the space around you. If you’re among those who obsesses over cleanliness then you can climb the ladder and clean up the attic. You can also paint your fence or do some gardening.

Turn off Your Screen

For those who seek relaxation in endless scrolling on social media or computer games, there’s a bad news. It could actually be raising your stress levels. It is a proven fact that exposing yourself to too much screen time also affects the quality of your sleep.

Stress is unavoidable but you can always find ways to relax. The next time a week goes hard on you, you can try any of the above measures and make sure that stress does not get to you.

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