Ways to Combat Heart Burn During Pregnancy

Pretty much on the lines of neurological disorders after pregnancy heartburn works out be an uncomfortable phenomenon. On the other side of the coin pregnant women become victims of it because of a couple of reasons mainly. First and foremost the hormone of relaxin slows down the process of digestion. This point that the food stays in the stomach for a longer period of time andthus more acid is produced.

Then the second symptom happens to be the case where the developing baby goes on to put pressure on the abdomen. It points to the fact that the acid is going to be pushed up as well.  Heart burn medication during pregnancy can provide relief, but you need to be sure on how to combat it at the earliest.

Fewer amounts of eating but on a frequent basis

If you overeat it compounds to the problems of heartburns. The moment you become pregnant the situation is that there is less room for the stomach to expand. If your diet is sensible not only it will ward off heart burn during the entire course of pregnancy as well. The simple reason is that if you go on to gain more than the expected weight it does put pressure on the abdomen as well. In addition if you eat smaller meals it is easy for the stomach to digest as well.

Do keep away from trigger foods

Do figure out the trigger foods in your diet and make it a point that you banish them from your diet. Though there are no universally certified foods, but spicy, greasy or citrus fruits are on top of the list for sure. Chocolates or some form of foods are there that needs to be anyway eliminated from your diet straight away.

The onus should be on liquids

It has been observed that in comparison to solids liquid foods will cause fewer problems. One of the main reasons is that they tend to move up the stomach in a quick manner. Protein shakes, juices or milk shakes are the ideal examples in this regard. It is suggested that you look out for liquids where the protein content is on the higher side where the solids is on the lesser side as well. Do make it a point that chews the food in a slow manner till it goes on to become fully liquefied.

Sleep smart

If you are suffering from heart burn then it is suggested that you should not consume anything 3 hours before going to bed. In case if you are not sleeping on the left side, then it is high time that you go on to start doing so.

To conclude heartburn is not a major cause of concern when you are pregnant. For sure every woman is going to feel it as it is considered to be a symptom of pregnancy. One thing is for sure it is going to make you a bit uncomfortable as well.

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