Tips to Excel in Biology Exam

Biology is a mandatory course at both school and college levels. Some students find biology tough and some love the biology course, as it deals with the knowledge of both living and non-living creatures in nature.

Biology is the study of life and includes everything imaginable related to the life existence on the planet Earth. It is a broad field of study, which includes botany, ecology, immunology, microbiology, zoology, and lot more. The study of biology is very important to all of us in our day to day life. This course helps us to understand about our own body parts, its functions and about other organisms present including bacteria, other animals and plants. Biology can be made easier and interesting if it is studied in a right manner.

Here are a few tips for improving the student’s ability to learn biology and to excel in the exam.

  • Be regular to the class, stay attentive and make a note of every important point discussed by your teachers during the class hours.
  • Prepare an effective timetable by making a list of all the chapters and the total number of days left out for preparations.
  • To make the complex process and concepts of biology easier, it is necessary to first understand all the basics and then move to the complex ones.
  • Students preparing for CBSE class 12 board exams and other competitive exams can referNCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology as it provides a good foundation for the higher classes.
  • Practice more questions from previous year question papers and other important questions from the textbooks.
  • Pay concentrations to all important topics and stay away from all sorts of distractions.
  • Practice more diagrams along with its labels as it may fetch full marks in your exams.
  • Never skip diagrams. As Biology is full of diagrams, students can understand and make the questions easier by practicing along with their diagrams or structures.
  • Refer more notes and learn by watching 3D animated videos and other YouTube video channels which are launched by various educational websites. For example, the human circulatory system can be clearly understood by watching 3D animated videos rather than from the textbooks.
  • Practice all the important biology terminologies by splitting into two and by understanding the meaning of the words.

Let’s say PhotosynthesisPhoto and  synthesis.  Photo = light and synthesis = putting together.

These were a few interesting tips to excel in the biology exam.

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