The Hand Tools Prerequisite for Your DIY Electrician Project

The electricians today use a wide variety of simple and advanced tools, and some of these hand tools are a must-have for your DIY (do-it-yourself) projects as well. You would not like to incur expenditures and call an expert electrician every time you need to work on some minor repair at your home. It is important for you to know about the basic tools of the electrician so that you can undertake and accomplish many of the simple electrical jobs easily by yourself.

Single or Multi-Purpose

You will prefer to use the multipurpose tools when tight on budget and looking for something that costs lesser. The multipurpose tools include the screwdrivers having interchangeable tips and the like. But individual tools are safer and an easy way to do an electrical job, if budget is no constraint. The single tools are simple in their built and you do not have to change their form in any way before using them.

The Basic and Simple Tools for Electrical Jobs

Below are some of the important and simple tools that you should always have when you are trying to accomplish an electrical job.


The voltmeter can be used for checking the voltage in any circuit. The instrument can also be used to check the condition of the power points and the wiring as well.


The pliers can be used to bend, compress, or hold wires and other electrical objects firmly. They can also be used to twist or cut the wires. For electrical jobs, you would like to have the Linesman pliers that are multipurpose and work well for electrical jobs that involve wires and cables. The Side Cutting Diagonal pliers can be used in the tight places as well, and can also detect the live wires. For a firm grip, a Channel Lock plier should be preferred.

Wire Strippers

These tools are often used to remove the upper insulation covering from the electrical wires.It may also be used to remove the upper plastic covering while is not disturbing or damaging the inner wires.


A flashlight is an important tool especially in cases when you have to work in tight or dark places. When working in the wall hollows and in other areas including ceilings, you would be putting yourself in danger if you are not using proper lighting.


The crimpers can be used to conjoin two wires or different metal pieces. Their structure resembles that of pliers, but the crimping tools are good at squeezing objects, for instance, a metal object ring on or around the wire.


While you may not need a heavy hammer for an electrical job, you still need to have a hammer of suitable size and weight when you have to accomplish an electrical job.

Invest in a Tool Pouch or Tool Belt

It is even better for you to invest in a good quality tool belt and tool pouch at the time you purchase your first tools. The tool pouch and the belt will allow you to conveniently carry all the basic and other hand tools, and the pouch can also safely store all your equipment and keep them handy for you.

These simple tools for electrical jobs do not cause a lot and you can buy them all in the form of a toolbox offering or one at a time easily. Ensure that you buy the tools from leading supplier so that you get quality tools that stand the test of time and can withstand the rigours of a job. Crimping tool price and the price of other tools is quite affordable.

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