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Getting this annoying error message – “unable to connect” while setting up your Extender? Don’t worry as it is quite common nowadays.  We all are much familiar with the importance of the Internet and how it has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Internet has now become the necessity, from homework assignments to online shopping everything requires internet.  And without the internet, it becomes almost impossible to complete our works. Such issues result in frustration among us, and one of such hard-to-deal issue is “Unable to connect” error during the Netgear Extender setup.

The reason being, despite the fact that this setup process is all self-explanatory and very easy to execute, but still users are not aware of its exact criteria and if’s and don’ts about the setup.  But if you are also one of those, worry not we will make you familiar with how to deal with this error and also how to avid various others setup errors.

Unable to connect with the internet notify you that due to some reason you were unable to pair up with the desired wireless network. But you can get rid of this, by implementing the steps give n below.

Step 1: Have a go at Resetting the Extender.

Resetting your extender helps a considerable measure according to the user’s feedback. You may opt to reset your extender in the scenarios when it becomes crappy and gives you trouble for executing the underlying configuration for the extender setup.

For resetting the router just squeeze the tiny reset button with taking in the use of a little pin or a paper clip.  After the reset, you must restart the router once. Additionally, at that point as opposed to utilizing mywifiext, attempt the for setup page.

Step 2: Checking the Adapter Drivers

Most importantly, check adapter drivers as these can be obsolete which may result issues this way. Likewise, check whether they are updated or not. And in case they’re not, either update it to the most recent firmware or supplant it with the upgraded one. You can without much of a stretch perform new extender setup if the drivers are updated to the latest firmware.

Aside from this, the compatibility of the wireless connector/ adapter with the various wireless network standards such as An, AC, G, B or N ought to likewise be thought about. Users may get in touch with the equipment producer to know the exact specifications of your gadget prior to netgear extender setup.

Step 3: Update Your Range Extender Firmware

You should check if your gadget’s firmware has the most recent variant introduced or not. An obsolete variant can cause this blunder message, so it is imperative to update the firmware to the latest form. For this reason, you need to visit the official site of your gadget’s maker organization. Additionally, you can get in touch with the best specialists in the business to know whether your range extender firmware is outdated or not.

Upgrading the firmware may expect you to reset your extender to default settings. When the reset procedure has finished, you need to reapply all settings to improve it work. Also, check the firmware compatibility with your router at

Step 3: Checking the WiFi Password

When you attempt to pair your device with a security enabled wireless internet network, you will be requested WPA2, WEP, WPA password or the security key. The users for the most part encounter this error when they have adjusted remote settings of their gadget and now they are not providing the changed credentials.

On the off chance that you don’t know or overlook the secret key, it’s prescribed to check the wireless security settings of your device. For this reason, you need to sign in to mywifiext or Once signed in, you can change the username and secret key of the network to which you wish to pair with.


“Useful Tip: On the off chance that, the referenced URL’s doesn’t enable you to sign in, consider composing the default IP address that is”

Minimize the distance and examine the power status.
The principal tip is to limit the separation between your router and the extender, and checking the power status. You should put your router and the extender in the least noticeable separation.

Likewise you should abstain from setting your router or extender close to some other impedance making machines, for example, microwave and so forth. Aside from this, you likewise should guarantee that both – router and the extender are all around associated with the power supply at the time of your new extender setup.

Keep the power link associations tight and unbending. Check the power showing LED, on the off chance that they are lit or not. In the event that the power lights are not gleaming at that point power-cycle/ reboot the two contraptions for mywifiext.local. If still power lights are not lit, at that point there may be an equipment issue with your gadget.

For the equipment issue, you can counsel with any neighborhood specialist or the maker itself. Likewise check the PC to extender or Extender to PC LED.

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