Send SMS from Google Spreadsheet is Made Easy than Ever Before

Microsoft excel and google spreadsheet is used by most of the businesses and institutions to save the customers details and phone numbers. These phone numbers are used by the companies for several purposes including SMS marketing. Yes, mobile numbers are widely used by the business to send both marketing and transactional messages to the customers.

Almost all of the sectors including schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, online stores and others use SMS sending services to keep the potential customers informed about their products and services. It is really a difficult and time consuming to send the SMS to all of the numbers in the contact list without the help of SMS gateway.

Easy to use contacts from the google spreadsheet

Now sending SMS to the contacts saved in google spreadsheet is made a matter of few clicks. Just install the SMS sheet in the concerned sheet using add-on features. That’s all you need to send the SMS. Create your ID or username and password with a reputed SMS sending service provider of the country to use the online platform. This is what you need to send sms from google spreadsheet to any or all of the contacts from wherever you are. Google account and SMS gateway are more than enough to schedule SMS sending irrespective of the location.

Easy SMS creation

Just log in to the SMS hub to create the message you need to share with the targeted customers. Select the SMS type transactional or promotional and select the mobile number column or sort the numbers to which you need to send the SMS. Select the right language and create the message. Preview the same and send it to the selected list with few clicks. The SMS will be delivered to all of the contacts within in a short period.

Easy import of contacts

SMS sending gateway from reputed companies also helps the businesses to use the contacts from other several add-ons including excel sheet and more. This helps the business to make use of the contacts from the different platform to send SMS without the additional task of copy paste the contacts.

Complete data of records and transactions

SMS service also helps the businesses with the complete data of records and transactions made on the SMS platforms. It includes the message type, content, sent time and date, received date and time, undelivered numbers and more. This helps a lot in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the SMS sending services from Google spreadsheet, excel sheet and more.

Select the best provider

At present, there are several SMS service sending providers in the country. Hence it is a good idea to make a good comparison in accordance with the rate and quality of services to select the best service provider. They can provide SMS sending services at really affordable rates. Since they provide online gateways to send SMS your own, you can engage in the SMS sending process at any time and from anywhere. Now it is your time to make use of best in sms excel plugin open source to send bulk SMS to promote the products and services in most economical and fastest way.

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