Let a Wedding Choreographer Spin Her Magic Over Your Sangeet

Your wedding Ceremony is a way of celebrating togetherness and embracing the bond that the bride and groom will share forever. The serenity and the sanctity of marriage is something that can never be explained in mere words. Two beautiful souls come together and take their relationship to another level, to something more worthwhile. However, wedding jitters are bound to be there. After all, this is the most important day of your life and will always be in your memories. And this is why you try to do everything perfectly, right from the decor to dresses, and from food to music, everything!

Wedding dance has its own significance as it refreshes the atmosphere, brings in fun element and bonding. However, there are many people who overlook the need for Wedding choreography and as a result, completely screw their first dance! Here are some valid reason why you need to hire a professional choreographer to elevate your Sangeet or wedding dance to a whole new level.

  1. Personalized Performances–

    Any peppy dance number is good enough to pep-up the wedding. But depending on who is dancing, one should select the songs mindfully. The father of the bride will have different emotions than her friends and thus needs a personalised performance. When you have a wedding choreographer on board, you don’t have to set the dancing schedule and select songs etc. They will take care of everything including the song tracks and will suggest the best for you. You can also suggest if you have a particular song in mind you want to dance upon. Therefore, the whole event will be customized as per your requirement giving it a more personalized touch.

  2. Timeline Oriented Programs –

    Wedding choreographers have different package deals as per your timeline. Mostly time crunch is a great issue because people sign up for these packages just 2 weeks before the event. The choreographers make sure to get the best out of you considering the timelines. They will teach you the steps that are easy to learn and can make your dance look good. However, if you sign up for at least 2 months before the event, they can experiment with you, make you learn difficult steps, can try different songs etc. Irrespective of the timeline, they will teach you the best they can.

  3. Dancing Tips for everyone –

    Dancing tips cover much more than the steps you are learning. The choreographers will make you practice in a similar kind of space your real dance floor will have. They will also help you pick up the costumes for your dance, setting up a music booth on the event day etc. Therefore, they take away a whole lot of burden from your head so that you can relax on your big day.

  4. Tips for Bride and Groom –

    Often brides and grooms are nervous on the dance floor because all eyes will be on them. The desperately waiting audience will surely want a mind blowing performance from the king and the queen of the evening. One step goes wrong and people will remember that for a lifetime. A wedding choreographer, therefore, pays special attention to the main dance of the evening. They also guide both the groom and the bride as when to take lead and when to let other one take lead.

How beautiful an evening would be with stunning decorations, mouth-watering dishes, gorgeous dresses and of course elegant dancing! The effortless moves of the bride and the groom highlighting their deep chemistry will simply cast a spell on the audience making them awestruck. The mesmerizing memories of your first dance will be with you forever. Moreover, you don’t have to worry even if you are a non-dancer.

There are many wedding dance choreographers in Noida available which will train you properly and make sure that your first dance goes just perfectly. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to break the dance floor!

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