Kornati Boat Tour from Sali, Croatia

The Gornji Kornati and Donji Kornati are one of the most visited places by tourists in Croatia. It boasts a national park, marine bio reserve, islet resorts and isolated island beaches. This is the famous place for water adventure seekers, sunbath, nature tour and honeymoon tour in Croatia. The Croatia is a tourist friendly nation among the European Union. The Kornati National Park comes under the top 10 places to visit in Croatia. The Kornati Boat Tours are the only way to explore these small islets in the Adriatic Sea. It is advisable to book your tour in advance online. Kornati coordinates are 43°47′ North and 15°20′ East.

How to get to Kornati National Park?

You must reach Croatia to reach the Koranti National Park. This is one of the important places to visit in the Croatia tour. It is advisable to check your tour package includes this national park. You can reach this park from the below mentioned places.

Zadar Boat Trips to Koranti

There are many private tour operators in Zadar to take you to the Koranti Island. You can book a charted boat or cruise boat, if you have more than ten members. They offer guided tour to see the Koranti attractions.

Kornati National Park from Split

The Kornati Boat Tours from Split will give you to take a long sail in the Adriatic Sea. On the way to Koranti National Park, you can see the beauty of the Croatia main land from the sea. There are many boat operators to take you to this national park.

Kornati Boat Tours from Sali

Kornati national park day tour by a boat is the only way to reach this tourists destination in Croatia. They offer adventure seawater tour. It comprises of your food and drinks in the boat. The all-inclusive boat tour is the best for any tourist to hire. This includes life jacket, travel guide, entry ticket charges, food and drinks.

Kornati Island Resort Accommodation

The Ravni Zakan Island has one of the best resorts to stay in Koranti tour in Croatia. Yet, you can find many star hotels, resort and budget accommodations within 20-km surrounding of the Koranti National Park. These hotels are with modern amenities and facilities. The beach side resorts and island resorts are the popular place for the honeymoon tourists.

Kornati Boat Tours are private type. The cruise boat booking may be with an international tour and travel company. It is advisable to read some Kornati national park review online. This will make sure to hire the best boat service provider to reach this tourist attraction place in Croatia. A charted tour will be the best to be in privacy. If you are less than four members, the boat operator usually club you with other tourists. This may not sound good, if you have language problem and not with proper understanding with the co-tourists. It is advisable to book in advance to beat the tourist rush in Croatia.

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