KENT Electric Kettle Glass: The Perfect Way to Make Instant Tea, Coffee and Soup

Nowadays, who doesn’t require instant coffee or tea to start their day afresh? Tea and coffee are like fuel and perhaps the most popular prime-time drink for people of all ages. Hence, an electric kettle that can make tea and other beverages can make life easier. Electric kettles are efficient appliances that are primarily used for boiling water. However, thanks to their multipurpose design, they can be used to make a variety of beverages like tea, coffee, and even soup.

Among the vast variety of electric kettles available in the market, KENT Electric Kettle Glass has a differentiated niche for itself with its useful features. Read on to find out what makes this electric kettle the perfect way to make instant tea, coffee and soup.

High Capacity and Less Time

The new and innovative electric kettle from KENT has a capacity of 1.7 litres, which helps you to boil hot water or brew tea for more than one person at a time. At one go, it serves four to five people. What makes it even more useful is it requires less time to boil water compared to the conventional boiling process.

LED Illumination

This electric kettle is not only a convenient appliance but also adds appeal to the kitchen. The transparent glass body and unique LED illumination that indicates the switch-on mode makes it look attractive. KENT Electric Kettle Glass adds an edge to your modern kitchen. There are times when you tend to be forgetful. As a precautionary feature, the indicator conveys to you that the kettle is in use. These features enhance its user accessibility.

Auto Shut Down Feature

With an auto shut down feature, you need not worry about the water getting overheated. Once the water starts boiling, the appliance switches off on its own. This feature makes the kettle very safe to operate.

360° Rotating Base

The compact electric kettle comes with a 360-degree swivel base that is designed for convenience. This enables easy serving and boiling of water, thus making it convenient for users. Cleaning is also absolutely easy, thanks to the rotating base and the kettle’s wide mouth.

Concealed Heating Element

The heating element is the most important component of the appliance. It is covered in stainless steel, which makes it damage-proof and long-lasting.  Since the heating element is concealed, it also looks attractive to suit any home décor.

Premium Quality

KENT Electric Kettle Glass is made of premium quality borosilicate glass body that can withstand high temperatures and is better than the normal glass. There are no plastic components in the body and hence safe from any structural hazard during its usage.

Now that you know about the useful features of KENT Electric Kettle Glass, make the most out of it. Smart inbuilt features present in this kettle will help you manage your morning tea and evening coffee efficiently. It can do far more than what you expect, and it doesn’t have to be stacked away in some corner of the kitchen. Owing to its usefulness, KENT Electric Kettle Glass is a must-buy modern kitchen appliance.

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