India one of the Best Place to Travel


It is said that among all the other we the Indian r one who wants to travel the most and also it is true in every sense as India is the land of diversified natural beauty. India in its true sense have everything that can make a traveler or as simple as a travel lover to fall for it. The geographic position of India is such that the upper part if the northern region of India is surrounded by the great Himalayan range.

And this Himalaya is the main attraction for the tourist not only for the people in India but all round the world. Traveler from all round the world and also mountaineers travels from their country to the Himalayas to get the essence of the beauty of the nature. The western part of the India is surrounded by desert named as the Thar Desert. Surrounding the desert another aspect of travel and tourism also formed in the Rajasthan region. The lower eastern of which is called as the eastern coastal region and the also the lower western part of the country is surrounded by the seas like the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea respectively. India also has a union territory in the lower part of the country as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands present in the Indian oceans.

Travelling in India

This type of natural diversity is only found in the India. It not found anywhere in this world. And based on this natural facility these places have been very much prosperous as they have started to make it their soul way of earning. Travelling as well as the tourism industry is one of most important way of earning for the peoples. Thus serving all the population of the region from lower economic level to higher economic level. Along with that the railway system has also been very much kind to the travelers and also to the peoples of those region as they get the opportunity to provide service to the travelers and also get their earning. The Indian Railway system is currently the largest network of railway present in the whole world. Thousands of train daily travel through this network carrying millions of passengers on a daily basis. It is used by the people of every possible background so that they get the opportunity to travel to their destination. It is also one of the cheapest medium of transport from one place to other place in India thus it also suffice the economic lowerness of the county’s people.

Providing livelihood

It also provides a good way to jobs and other services for the peoples of the country. Millions of peoples works in this department earning their livelihood and also providing the railway services in the best possible way for the greater interest of the public.


Food and catering is also a part of the railways. As there are many trains that covers long distance. So the passengers were also given the opportunity to have food in train itself in exchange of very less money.


People should keep the train clean and clear as they are one who will be availing for their work.

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