How to Travel Through India?

India is the most beautiful country in Asia. There are lots of things to explore and before setting out on a trip to India, you have to be clear about what kind of trip you want to make. The most independent and eager for adventure will say. For free, the most hesitant and impressionable before the fame of India as a complex country will say. India is huge so the normal travel time by train or bus can go from 8 or 9 o’clock to 20 o’clock. There are several means of transport in India: General Train, Luxury Trains, Plane, Tuk Tuk, Buses and Motorcycle.

Travel by Train In India

Traveling by train in India is the most usual and recommended way to get around the country. There are different types of wagons and ticket types with their respective qualities and prices. The most economical and preferred by backpackers is the Sleeper class, wagons with fans and bunk beds to sleep especially if you get to the ones at the top. Very similar to this is the AC2 type, which adds bedding and air conditioning. For those who want heavy metal, there is the Second Sitting Unreserved second class, where you sit where you can sit.

Travel by Luxury Trains in India

When it comes about luxury, India is not less than any country. It has the most popular luxury trains and several awarded. Maharaja Express Train, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot are the popular luxury trains in India. These trains provide onboard luxury amenities like Spa, Dining Car, Bar, Luxury Suites etc.

Travel By Plane In India

Another way for those who are in a hurry is the plane. There are several airlines in the country and Asians that offer very good prices to cover long distances. Delhi and Mumbai are the cities where you can arrive from international and domestic flights.

Travel by Tuk Tuk In India

Only recommended to travel small distances in specific areas and not very large. You can find tuk tuk in every city and roads in India. Sometimes they are very humble and sometimes rude, depends on their mood or behavior. But most of the drivers are really helpful.

Traveling By Motorcycle In India

For the bravest, there is the most daring option, which is to rent or buy a motorcycle and travel around the country. This is quite common in areas like Ladakh, where travelers can be seen riding a Royal Enfield. Goa, Manali, Leh, Srinagar, Jaipur, Rann of Kutch are the top places to enjoy the motorcycle tour.

Traveling by Buses in India

Buses are one of the main transportation in India. There are some places in India where you can’t reach by plain, bike, tuk tuk and motorcycle. There are a number of buses provided by each state tourism. But when it comes about a trip in India, you can book the tempo traveler and Volvo to reach the desired destination if you are interested in buses.

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