How to Identify and Fix Problems with Your Modem

Is your internet connection playing up and you suspect the modem could be to blame? Are you switching to the NBN and wanting to know if you need to upgrade your technology? Is your modem just a little bit old and you’re wondering if you could get better performance from a new model?

Whatever the reason, from time to time you will need to replace your home modem. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to decide if that time is now.

There are a few easy things you can do to work out if the issue lies with your modem or something else going on with your internet connection.

Test Your Internet Speed

Visit the page and start a speed test with the click of a button. If it matches with the speed you have signed up with your internet provider, then it could be a temporary problem related to anything other than the internet connection you are subscribed to.

Test your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has been often found as the main culprit when our internet suffers from poor performance.  It could be either the Wi-Fi capability, the fault of your combined modem or the dedicated router that connects to your modem. But to be sure of the culprit, you need to isolate it from the rest of the components that build up the entire network of connectivity. This will help you to identify the root of the problem.

Conduct a Line Isolation Test

If isolating your Wi-Fi  couldn’t help in identifying the problem, especially if you are using ADSL, the next option you have is conducting a line isolation test.

By conducting a line isolation test you can determine if it is your modem, which is at fault, or the line or if, it is another device that is causing the problems with the speed of internet.

If you find a loss in the speed after connecting it to any particular device, then problem most probably lies with that particular device.

Check for Other Issues

There can be other issues as well behind the issues with your internet speed other than the modem you are doubtful about. Do not forget to check them out too.

If you are using ADSL, it might be the distance of your system from the exchange that is working against the flow of data speed. The performance of ADSL can also get affected if there is any data congestion in your area, or any electrical interference. The same can happen due to heavy rain.

Google your Modem

Lastly, even with all this your problem doesn’t seem to get resolved, try Googling about your current modem and search for what others are saying about it. If the feedback you get listed down is mostly talking positive, then you can be more or less sure that your modem isn’t the issue or see if you’ve got a defective model. If the feedback are mostly negative, it can be indicative of the fact that you should switch to a new modem.

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