GRE Preparation Method with structured Approach

For those aiming to study in foreign universities, there is plenty of work to do. The first thing is to prepare the study schedule for GRE preparation. The Graduate Record Examination does not intend to check for your intelligence. Rather, it tests your Math and English and your ability to use them. So, if you are worried about test or want to ace it, then sit down and check the pattern.

Check the Tutoring Classes

There is self-help and there is the tutoring class. Many prefer to do it on their own but there is wisdom in seeking help, especially from people who have done it for twenty-five years or more – people who have produced the most numbers of students with 320+ scores in GRE. Check the coaching institute that has these qualifications. For your GRE preparation course, Bangalore has institutes that help you push the limits.

First, take a practice test and find out what all you are thorough with and which areas into which you need to put some work. The GRE Verbal has three question types. They are Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence. They test your ability to synthesize material from the material given to you. Check the concepts presented and find words related to it. You should break up the material given into passages, paragraphs, and sentences. There is a distinct relationship between the parts of the sentence that you have to identify and use.

Assign the study schedule in a workable manner

Begin with an easy 30 minutes per day schedule. Keep building up the time in increments each day so that you begin to look forward to the increments. It should not be like – “Oh! I have to study for an extra 30 minutes”. It should be like “Yes! I get another extra five minutes today”. Your word repertoire should be enormous, not adequate. You must do the Text Completions and Sentence Equivalence with the best word possible. This is possible when you have an extensive vocabulary. Check the words occurring most often on GRE.

In the reading ability part, you will get passages that they select from different genres. You have to answer questions based on the passages and those possessing a good command over the language will get through with ease. You must be able to present the answer in the best way; that is the real test. The coaching centres for GRE exam preparation Bangalore have a structured approach. This helps you understand the usage of words well.

Dealing with the Math Part

For the GRE Math part, you need to know your high school mathematics alone. There is no calculus or trigonometry. If you are thorough with Arithmetic operators, integers, decimal representation, number line, and so on you will be safe. You must be familiar with algebra topics like relations, functions, and equations. In geometry, they ask you about quadrilaterals, circles, and triangles. Also, you must know the way to find the perimeter, volume, and use the Pythagorean Theorem.

They ask questions in data analysis dealing with mode, median, averages, quartiles, and percentiles. They also ask questions on probability, Venn diagrams, and permutations.

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