Best Time to Visit Balian Beach

Similar to most other beaches in Bali, the optimum Best Time to Visit Balian Beach is just before sunrise/sunset, while on the Balian beach as it is located on the southern shore at the western part of Bali, the optimum time to visit is at the late mid-day before sunset, but if you would like to surf and attempt the waves then usually adjusted with the weather conditions, the condition of currents, and the spot and also the wave.

Though Balian beach is renowned for its beautiful waves and became the paradise for surfers, the surfers should stay vigilant against shark attacks. Occasionally the bull sharks have been seen wandering around the beach of Balian.

And in agreement with the news, the prevalence of shark attacks are rare in the waters of Indonesia, but at this time it’d just happened on the beach of Balian. Therefore, for the surfers are always recommended to be alert, regardless of expert surfers or beginners, Security is the primary priority.

Attractions around Balian Beach

Additionally, to the appeals for tourist attractions of Balian beach, there are also a lot of other attractions situated not far from the coastal regions of Balian, like Soka beach that has beautiful scenery, even Lumbung BerkatAgrotourism Dragon Fruits (Pitaya) Gardens which is based in the village of Antap. Agrotourism Lumbung Berkat is the only thing of agrotourism from the District of Selemadeg, Tabanan, that has a region of about 50-acre garden and covered more than 3,000 Pitaya plants.

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