5 Start-Up Marketing Methods That Will Be Easy on Your Pockets

Alright, we get it – your business has got one hell of a product and you’re adamant that it’ll be a huge hit, provided you’ve got heaps of cash to advertise it. But the harsh reality of a start-up life is this – you typically begin on a shoestring budget and not the one dreams are made of.

More to the point, although countless investors would come to your rescue by offering you funds, you still need to be very smart with every single penny that you’ll be spending – after all, you’d not wish to blow it all on something that won’t grow your business idea.

Speaking of marketing your start-up, one thing that you need to get straight is there’s no set rule as to running an ad campaign of super bowl-size. Just with the small budget you’ve got, there are mountains of options that you can opt for; trust us, these will definitely be easy on your pockets! And guess what… even the ROI will be bigger than what you would’ve ever expected.

Well, now that we’ve told you there are endless options to choose from, without wasting any more time, let’s see what they are.

Developing a website

When thinking of promoting your business, the first thing you need to ask yourself is “Do I own a website?” If you don’t (wait… have you been living under a rock all this time?), go get it ASAP! If you’re all about making as much money as possible through your business, then you better have one.

In today’s time, developing a website is like a piece of cake; you can simply create one all by yourself and it’ll cost you nothing – mark our words!

Making cold calls

Ya, ya… we know this method of attracting customers is too old school. But hey, even today it holds a lot of significance, as it offers you a chance to directly communicate with your customers, especially the ones who aren’t aware about your products and services.

In order to make this approach all the more efficient, it’s better that you gear yourself up to select the target audience and create a draft of the pitch!

Conducting events and offering freebies

The media is constantly on the lookout for a good and cheesy story, so why not take advantage of that opportunity and conduct a free event? You can talk about your products and let them know the additional services you’ll be offering.

And you know what… you could also provide them with freebies, such as a customised calendar, cheap printed pens, free food etc., because who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? Besides, this will not only help you get more responses from your audience, but it will also spread the word like wildfire!

Creating your own social media page

These days, social media has become all the rage among st people, especially businesses. A report states that every month roughly around 30% of millennials engage with a product or service through social media pages. We guess this is reason enough for you to not ignore such a huge marketing platform.

More to the point, social media marketing is no longer just a means of promoting your brand. In fact, it is more about developing a strong relationship with your target customers. So, instead of flooding your social media pages with your marketing campaigns focus on starting a meaningful conversation, create a community pool and of course, put up helpful content. Though an off-season sale post might go viral, but the reach wouldn’t be the same as for quality content.

Using yourself as a channel

Okay, this one’s an obvious point, but there are several owners who majorly miss it out – YOU are amongst the marketing methods you use. You can market your products and services in the various seminars you’ll attend and even in your network.

But do it only when it’s the right time; you could perhaps be like, “Hey, by the way, I’ve started an app and I think it’ll be helpful… you can download it from the app store. The name is…” You’ve got to do it in a natural way, though!

We understand that it’s not too easy to market your brand, especially when you’re short on money. Nonetheless, these methods mentioned above will surely help you out.  Of course, it’ll require you to put in a lot of time and effort – we won’t really sugar-coat that, but ultimately it will pay off!

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